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Please direct all correspondence to: artistdolls@thedollrememberswhen.com

The Doll Remembers When website is the evolution of our Heritage Haberdashery website which offered fine antique clothing, jewellery, and later, dolls, to discerning collectors on the internet from 1997 - 2005.  Our first love may have been antique and vintage clothing, but this interest in historical fashion has led us further and further into the wonderful world of dolls.  A deepening love for historically costumed dolls, especially Artist dolls, has prompted us to follow our hearts and change our website to "shine a spotlight" upon Artist dolls, as well as offer them for sale.  We hope to increase the awareness of, interest in, and appreciation for Artist dolls as we have found them to be a somewhat "under-appreciated" source of joy and beauty in the doll-collecting world.  We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!

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Our Commitment to Quality and Service


As we mentioned, we've been offering collectable items online since 1997.  The type of items may have changed over the years (from antique clothing and jewellery to dolls), but our complete and whole-hearted commitment to quality and customer service has not. 

We have always provided, and will continue to provide: 

1)  genuine, quality goods

2)  honest, reliable descriptions of our goods

3)  safe packing and,

4)  quick shipping at only the actual shipping cost with no additional "handling" fees, in short, all of the things that are necessary to make an online transaction pleasant and happily memorable. 

We strove to provide "eBay Five Star Service" before eBay ever considered that policy, and we still do.  Please check our feedback on eBay under our eBay identity:  "TheDollRemembersWhen", formerly "vintagefashionbuff".

Since no Commitment to Quality and Service can be considered top-notch without a return policy, we have one of those as well.  Please consult our Order Desk page for a full discussion of our position on returns and refunds.

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Thank you!


Please allow us a moment to thank you for stopping by our website and viewing our Artist dolls.  We have attempted to provide an introduction to the work of various Artists as time permits, but there are oh, so many more!  We hope that you have enjoyed viewing them as much as we have enjoyed presenting them.  If you would like to bring one of these works of art into your life, so much the better, but we hope that we have, at the very least, provided a "window" into the fabulous world of Artist dolls that awaits you if you choose to explore it. 

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